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10 Things That Actually Happen in Legends Of Tomorrow
Space Girl
After a farewell party at the end of the fifth season, Season 6 picks up in the aftermath, and the team discovers that Sara is nowhere to be found. While retracing their footsteps, they encounter David Bowie, who’s strumming a new song called “Space Girl,” — Bowie reveals that he saw Sara getting abducted by aliens and filmed it on a Super 8 camera.
Quitting Film School
A young George Lucas gets caught in the crossfire between the Legends and the Legion of Doom and drops out of film school, declaring, “No film is worth your life.” This disruption means Lucas’ films never inspire Nate and Ray; thus, they never become superheroes, so the team must convince Lucas to become a filmmaker.
Chug Challenge
The Legends discover they must earn the right to use the immortality-granting chalice of Dionysus by defeating Dionysus and his fraternity in the Chug Challenge. After failing to rush the already existing sororities, the Legends must start their own for the competition — the challenge of which ends up being beer pong.
The Minotaur Hunt
Upon hearing of a monster lurking in the catacombs of 1920s Paris from Salvador Dali, Time Bureau director Hank Heywood enlists the help of Ernest Hemingway to show the team what “a real man of action looks like.” Hemingway tries to best the beast’s axe with his rifle, but he ends up “strategically retreating” with the rest of the team.
Dawn of Justness
William Shakespeare gets inspiration for his new play’s ending after witnessing an all-out brawl in the pub with the very intoxicated Legends displaying their superpowers and future tech. This new direction has one of Shakespeare’s most famous works becoming “Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness” before the team sets things right and restores the original play.