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10 Moments In Halloween Ends That Make No Sense
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Halloween Ends."
10. Love and vegetables
Frank Hawkins was an important part in the last two films, and bonded with Laurie while in the hospital. They both live in the same small town, shop at the same grocery store, and are excited to see each other, which makes it weird that he hasn’t checked in on her over the years.
9. The worst first date
Corey and Allyson’s relationship is illogical and full of drama as their night out ends with Corey accusing her of setting him up and then abandoning him. Meanwhile, Allyson can’t understand why Haddonfield’s residents don’t see them both as two damaged people trying to navigate it all.
8. Killer connection
Corey is placed in Michael Myers' path, where the two form a bond, and Corey begins to murder those who betrayed him. It’s possible that Corey takes the opportunity to expel the rage he's been suppressing for three years, but his death only leaves viewers to speculate.
7. The new Myers house
The Allen home is meant to parallel the Myers' house, even though Jeremy's death was an accident. As an attempt to cast Corey as Michael's peer, drawing parallels between the two houses falls flat, with the logic behind its abandonment not holding up to scrutiny.
6. Laurie the Freakshow
Haddonfield residents blame Laurie for Michael's crimes, with the film arguing that all who encounter Michael are corrupt. This feels awfully like victim blaming, and the abuse from the townsfolk, in addition to everything else Laurie has experienced feels
cruel and unnecessary.