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10 Hilarious Details In The Rehearsal We Can't Stop Thinking About
On the first episode of "The Rehearsal," Nathan Fielder hilariously revealed that he found trivia fanatic Kor through Craigslist. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Craigslist, it’s really interesting how Craigslist is still a wildly popular website that can be used to find almost anything.
Night Owl
In the second episode, Fielder hires a man that claims to be a night owl to periodically turn on the crying of a mechanical baby left in the care of Angela for a rehearsal. Unfortunately, the guy doesn’t live up to the claim and falls asleep on his first night, but he is nevertheless kept on, presumably to keep Fielder company.
Dragon Ball Z
Patrick first appeared in the third episode of "The Rehearsal," trying to figure out how to approach the topic of his grandfather's will to his brother. Patrick feels like he deserves a part of the inheritance, as he took care of his grandfather in his dying years, even changing his grandfather's diapers while they watched "Dragon Ball Z."
The Raising Cane
The Raising Cane’s actress appears briefly on “The Rehearsal,” pretending to bite into a chicken wing numerous times — in a moment that can only be described as a work of pure, unadulterated genius. What makes it even better is Fielder's downtrodden look as he watches her pretend to eat the wing.
Fielder School
The Fielder School of Acting, which Fielder uses to find actors for his experiments, makes for an absolutely fascinating subplot of "The Rehearsal." Fielder took things one step further when he posed as a student to ensure the information is delivered the right way.