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10 Guardians of the Galaxy comic characters we want to see in the MCU
The insectoid Annihilus is mainly associated with the Fantastic Four and he’s a longtime ruler of the Negative Zone, a mostly uninhabited alternate dimension. The character would serve as a bridge between the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the dimension-hopping adventures of Marvel's First Family.
The Stark
The Stark are a race of alien creatures from another dimension with integrated Stark technology in their physiology. An alien race upgrading itself with tech from another planet is a really fascinating premise and could force the Guardians of the Galaxy and the MCU's Earth-bound heroes to team up.
The Badoon
The Badoon, a malevolent alien race with archaic gender roles, would put them in direct opposition to the Guardians' libertine approach to gender roles. While it might be controversial to delve into the Badoon's gender dynamics, having half a race conquering worlds while the other half remains oblivious is interesting.
Malevolence has a mystical origin as the daughter of the demonic entity Mephisto. The Guardians always show up to put an end to her Machiavellian attempts to take power, so it would be fantastic to see the occult and science fiction mix on the big screen.
Moondragon developed her dormant psychic abilities while being raised by monks and she was taught to be an incredibly dangerous hand-to-hand combatant. She can transform into a giant space dragon, which offers some really cool visual potential, and she also is the long-lost daughter of Drax, making her appearance logical.