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10 Game Of Thrones Characters That Deserved Better Endings
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Game of Thrones."
1. Jamie Lannister
Jamie Lannister starts out as a villain after he shoves Bran Stark out a window, but as the story progresses, he changes for the good and becomes likable. Sadly, his entire character arc, carefully meted out across seven seasons, comes undone in the final few episodes, and he ultimately dies an anticlimactic death.
2. Littlefinger
Cersei utters the famous quote about playing the Game of Thrones, but Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish is the most capable player, as he plays the lords of the realm like pawns for seven seasons. His end fits the crime, but for such a shrewd tactician, how he gets there is one of the show's most
egregious blunders.
3. Daenerys
It isn't a terrible surprise that Daenerys Targaryen broke bad; her severe anger issues and her family's mental health problems always hinted at her eventual fate. However, the abrupt heel turn and ready embrace of absolute evil flies in the face of everything Dany stood for and squanders all the goodwill she spent seven seasons building.
4. Ghost
Ghost is Jon Snow's most loyal friend and companion, and an absolute terror on the battlefield, which is why the show's continual efforts to minimize him are frustrating. Ghost mostly pops up in cameos for the last few seasons, and when Snow parts ways with him, he doesn't even say goodbye, which is really sad.
5. The Night King
"Game of Thrones" went to great pains to establish the Night King as the show's Big Bad; however, his final battle is all hype, no substance. The problem with the Night King's death is that when he explodes into shards of ice, his entire undead army collapses, too, which is an awfully convenient way of letting the characters escape certain death.