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10 Dark Horse Comics Netflix Needs To Adapt As Shows Or Movies
Beasts of Burden
In the world of this charming comic, it's up to a group of paranormal investigators to protect humankind from supernatural threats — and this group is composed of a bunch of dogs and one cat. A "Beasts of Burden" animated film has been in the works for about a decade, but has yet to come to fruition; could Netflix bring these lovable critters to our TV screens?
Harrow County
Written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Tyler Crook, "Harrow County" follows 18-year-old Emmy, who lives in the titular town that happens to be haunted. Emmy’s life changes forever as she uncovers Harrow County's secrets, and her own deeply-rooted connection to its strange happenings. A TV adaptation of this supernatural mystery would likely be a hit.
Black Hammer
"Black Hammer" follows a group of superheroes that were once Spiral City’s most extraordinary protectors, until they were sent to the rural town of Rockwood as a form of purgatory following their greatest battle. The former heroes pretend to be a family as they struggle to escape the town, and the long-running story would make for a great TV series.
Sin City
Though "Sin City" already has two film adaptations to its name, the neo-noir classic is due for a reboot that covers even more of its stories set in the thrilling world of booze, broads, and bullets. Though the original comics were groundbreaking in the 1990s, they're a bit outdated now — but there’s no reason why they can't be reworked for 2022.
"Hellboy" has even more adaptations than "Sin City," including live-action films and several animated iterations of the classic character. However, there are so many storylines in the "Hellboy" comics that deserve to be brought to the screen, and the lovable half-demon investigator himself is sure to draw tons of fans to any and all of his new content.