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10 Bonkers Horror Movies About Cursed Objects
In Fabric
Peter Strickland's "In Fabric" centers on a cursed blood-red dress that is out to kill and won't stop until it strangles everyone who gets in its way. The movie deconstructs people’s reliance on things to complete their lives and make them happy, and as ridiculous as it is, the film has something profound to say about life in the 21st century.
Killer Sofa
In "Killer Sofa,” a recliner becomes fixated on a young woman named Francesca and murders anyone that gets in its way. Director Bernie Rao plays it both serious and comical, a balancing act that's difficult to pull off, but he does an admirable job of luring the audience in with the promise of murder and mayhem concocted by a killer piece of furniture.
The Mangler
Tobe Hooper's "The Mangler" is based on a Stephen King short story and centers on a laundry press that becomes cursed after a young woman’s blood seeps into it during a workplace accident. The film has an underlying theme about the acceptance of death, and though it is silly, it's surprisingly earnest in its delivery.
"Rubber," written and directed by Quentin Dupieux, satirizes the theater-going experience and piracy with a story about spectators watching a murderous tire with psychokinetic powers. The violence is over the top, but the film doesn't take itself too seriously, so audiences enjoy the ride for what it is.
Maximum Overdrive
In "Maximum Overdrive," semi-trucks spring to life and wreak absolute havoc on a truck stop outside Wilmington, North Carolina. Stephen King, who wrote and directed the film, teeters between grounded reality and exaggerated fantasy, and while the film often plays it way too safe, it's bonkers in its own right.