Steven Brill’s Angry E-Mail to /Film

Steven Brill

In light of the recent coverage of director Steven Brill‘s e-mail replies to Star Wars fanboys, I thought it might be time to finally share a story I’ve been sitting on this since August. When the first Drillbit Taylor movie trailer was released, I was highly critical of the preview for being unfunny, and sarcastically referred to director Steven Brill as “the ‘genius’ behind Little Nicky”. And then one night, about a month later, I received this angry e-mail from Steven Brill (note: I have censored one of the words to make it safe for work):


you are a bitter f**k and you deserve all the unhappiness and frustration that I know you feel.

the genius behind Little Nicky


I laughed out loud when I got this e-mail. And to be fair, Brill later apologized, and is as it turns out, he is really nice guy. Just don’t insult his past, present or future work.

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