Sterling K. Brown Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Sasquatch – This is a fantastic short film. Even if this weren’t an SNL sketch, this is just an outstanding comedic short film. Mikey Day’s continued, combined exasperation and desperation as the sasquatch keeps messing with him is so funny. On top of this, he keeps asking Sterling K. Brown for advice who seems to have endless information for how to deal with the bigfoot. Brown’s dedication to giving a genuine performance and not just being funny also helps sell the gag.

This Is U.S. – Not only is this a great parody of This Is Us, but Sterling K. Brown does an impressions of Dr. Ben Carson that rivals that of Jay Pharoah. It’s a shame this couldn’t have been longer to parody This Is Us even more, if only to give us more of Ben Carson.

Black Panther New Scene – With Black Panther being all the rage and Sterling K. Brown being in the movie, you just knew SNL was going to parody the Marvel movie. In this case, we go to the spiritual plane of Wakanda where T’Challa’s ancestors resides, including some of the less favorable relatives, like his uncle, played by Kenan Thompson. It’s not nearly as funny as it should have been, but it was amusing thanks to Thompson’s general goofiness.

The Worst

Dying Mrs. Gomez – Since this was a 10-to-1 sketch and it was clear this was going in a weird direction as soon as the first Nickelback lyrics were uttered, I wanted to like this sketch so much more. But it just doesn’t go anywhere satisfying, and even though it’s amusing to see this many SNL cast members singing “How You Remind Me” with Sterling K. Brown is a funny prospect, it only goes so far. Not even Brown’s earnest performance can make it land more firmly.

Rock vs Rap – Kyle Mooney’s Chris Fitzpatrick character has never been as funny as the first time he appeared, and this is unfortunately one of the worst yet. The interviews Mooney does with people on the street aren’t as funny with this character as they are with the more awkward person on the street version of himself. While there’s an interesting point to be made with this sketch, it gets overshadowed by how unfunny it is overall.

Doctor Love – At first this sketch felt like it might be going somewhere funny, but then it’s almost like the writers intended to come back and finish the sketch and realized they never did. Is this supposed to be a commercial for Dr. Love the physicians? Or a new sitcom called Dr. Love? Again, Sterling K. Brown plays this character with such conviction and authenticity, but it doesn’t do anything to make the sketch better.

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