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What Didn’t I Like?

The film isn’t perfect, and I do have some minor nitpicks. I don’t want to go into any details because I don’t want to spoil anything you you, so here they are in the broadest of strokes:

The Force Awakens Starkiller Base

Sometimes Over-recycled and Too Many Call Backs

* The film probably didn’t need a new death star, and that complaint is probably the other side of my earlier point that the film is in many ways a remake of A New Hope. There is a lot plot cleverly recycled and remixed with the new and unexpected, but some of it feels unnecessary.

* The film features some fun callbacks and references to the earlier films, but a few times it felt like it was too much and far too obvious.

The Force Awakens Score

The Score Is Good But Unremarkable

* I was hoping to fall in love with John Williams’ score but it pretty much faded into the background. I’m not saying the score is bad — there wasn’t a moment that I disliked, it was just unremarkable. You might even argue that the music disappeared because I was so invested in the characters and story to notice it, but I just feel like the themes aren’t as bold and iconic as the original pieces from the original trilogy.


Mysteries Vs. Plot Contrivances

* While the film leaves a bunch of mysteries open for us to explore in future films, some things happen in this film which are left unexplained. And because I’m not entirely sure we’ll ever get an explanation, those moments might seem unearned or just convenient for plot sake.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens r2d2

I was expecting to see more from some of the characters:

* As a fan of the original trilogy, I was disappointed that R2-D2 and C3PO didn’t have larger roles in the story. Like some of the other legacy characters, they are mostly relegated to the background but given a couple moments to shine.

* I think we all assumed Captain Phasma would have a larger role in the story, considering how much of the marketing features the chrome trooper, but alas I was sad to see that wasn’t the case.

* The Raid guys were sadly underused. Was their action scene trimmed down? I’m wondering if they were used in some other capacity? It should be noted that they were not featured in any trailers or advertising what so ever (there is no official image or video of their scenes online), so unlike say Captain Phasma, maybe my over-expectations of their involvement are on me.

This is as much as I can say without getting into details. We will have coverage of the movie that goes into more story dissection after the film’s release (and after the jump, away from the eyes of anyone who hasn’t seen the film — don’t worry).

If there is anything I’d tell you is to avoid spoilers before seeing the film as it does have some interesting moments that are sure to be ruined on social media. I think the trailers and marketing have been very cautious about revealing much of the movie so far, so I wouldn’t be too worried about avoiding official marketing materials.

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