Where Do We Go From Here?

Rosie: As for the more immediate and canonical impact, the fact that the Emperor managed to rebuild a part of the temple is a huge moment because it means that the ability to rebuild the portal still exists outside of what we saw on Lothal, which is very exciting. I really think that “World Between Worlds” was introduced as a potential addition to the main film canon, and the final episodes sold me on that theory. The fact that the show set up a spin-off set after the Battle of Endor and Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens is just hugely exciting to me…especially since the idea of a show focused on Ashoka and Sabine is almost too good to be true. It also plays into my most beloved dream: that Ashoka and or Sabine could turn up in Episode IX.

There is something so radical and special about the recognition of the need for a female-led Star Wars animated show, and that it might be led by these two characters that fans have grown to love so much makes it all the more enticing. Ahsoka’s fate had long been a source of much contention, conspiracy and chatter amongst fans, but now we know not only that she survived, but also that she survived all the way until after the Battle of Endor. I am truly dying to know what adventures Ahsoka and Sabine will go on next.

Allyson: Be still, my heart! An Ahsoka-Sabine alliance is the Star Wars dream team I never knew I needed. I remember, when Ahsoka’s fate was still in limbo after the second season finale, studiously researching how long the Togruta lifespan is in order to figure out whether it was possible Ahsoka could potentially live through the end of the original trilogy or even through the end of the sequel trilogy. I thought I was just fantasizing, but we now have confirmation that Ahsoka is not only alive and well after the events of Return of the Jedi, but about to set off on a mission. I am beyond thrilled that Lucasfilm has recognized the importance of this beloved character and committed to continuing on with her story into the future. And I have too much faith in Filoni and the Lucasfilm story group to think that this ending is just another tease – I firmly believe that this ending is a springboard for a future tale and that we’ll get to see this story play out either on the big screen or the small screen. So I have a new hashtag for y’all: #AhsokaLivesForever!

And now, of course, Ezra’s fate is the one in limbo. I’m happy with the way the series ended without really ending, giving us closure for many characters while also “opening the door,” as the Emperor himself said, to “infinite paths and infinite possibilities.” But Rebels neglected to answer the most pressing canonical question associated with the entire series: Where was Ezra Bridger during the events of the original trilogy? I’m glad he didn’t die, but I wish we had a bit more clarity about what exactly his goal was at the end.

Rebels‘ Place Within the Star Wars Universe

Rosie: I think Rebels actually fits far more into the Expanded Universe model of Star Wars rather than the slimmed-down, contemporary canon that Disney has been trying to create. For me, the introduction of the portals in “World Between Worlds” was just such a breathtakingly brave and exhilarating choice, such a game changer, that it almost doesn’t feel like it can possibly be in major canon. The fact that Disney has utilized Rebels as a way of introducing new canon concepts has also added to the fact that it feels far more like something from wild west of the EU rather than main canon Star Wars.  

Allyson: Rebels has definitely leaned more towards the EU, which makes sense when you consider the serialized nature of the show. Re-canonizing an iconic character like Thrawn is a nice way of nodding to fans of the EU to let them know they haven’t been forgotten. And speaking of EU callbacks: In the Expanded Universe, Leia and Han had twins named Jacen and Jaina. We learn at the end of the final episode of Rebels that Hera now has a son named… you guessed it… Jacen!

Rosie: Just popping in here to say OH MY FRACKING GOD JACEN!! I yelped when I heard it and almost teared up when we confirmed it just now.

Allyson: So, a Jacen Syndulla spinoff? Sign me UP.

Rosie: …Young Jedi Knights cartoon…starring Jacen Syndulla??? I’ve died.

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