Domhnall Gleeson About Time

Domhnall Gleeson is a Skywalker – Odds 15:1

It’s true. Domhnall Gleeson looks like a young Mark Hamill. There’s no denying that. But would J.J. Abrams allow Luke Skywalker to break a sacred Jedi vow and procreate? More Jedis would be good for the Force, I guess, and the old ways never quite worked. Plus, age wise, he’s appropriate but I still simply don’t buy it.

Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams 700

Lando Calrissian Shows Up in The Force Awakens –  Odds 15:1

When the cast of The Force Awakens was announced, Billy Dee Williams’ name was noticeably missing from the list. He’s since reprised the role on Star Wars Rebels and there are rumors he’ll appear in Episode VIII. But know what no one is saying? That he has a role in The Force Awakens. It seems silly if he’s not it it, but I don’t think he is.

Mark Hamill Return of Jedi

Luke Skywalker Is Only in Two Scenes – Odds 10:1

A few weeks back, a rumor broke that Luke Skywalker is in exactly two scenes in The Force Awakens: A flashback and the final scene of the movie. The source is good – I know that for a fact – but like the Gleeson rumor, it just doesn’t feel right. Plus, I’ve heard from an equally good source this is not the case and he plays a considerably bigger role. The simple indecision here means the odds are kind of long on this one.

Mark Hamill Episode VII Set

Luke Skywalker Is a Bad Guy – Odds 25:1

Another early rumor was that Luke Skywalker ends up turning to the dark side in this movie. There are even leaked concept images to back up this fact. And while I do believe Luke isn’t the clean cut character fans may expect him to be in this movie, I don’t think he goes full Darth. He may even do some bad things but Luke is our hero, plain and simple.

Harrison Ford played Han Solo

Han Solo Dies – Never tell him the odds, especially in this case

We’ve all heard the rumor that Han Solo dies. We’ve all had difficulty imagining it. But we also all know Harrison Ford wanted the character to die back in Return of the Jedi, he’s getting up there in years and has more or less a starring role in The Force Awakens. Then there are some recent reports that bolster all this even further. I think there’s a very good chance this is the last time we see everyone’s favorite scoundrel. Solo said to never tell him the odds, and I think that statement is even more true here.

Odds – 2:1

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