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Luke Skywalker’s Big Reveal

Next up, I wanted to share one of the biggest spoilers I heard for The Force Awakens that didn’t end up being true. To be clear, covering Star Wars in the way I do, I took a deep dive into the spoiler pool and knew pretty much all the big twists and turns of the movie. We tried to cover the film without spoiling any of the major reveals and twists (although we may have slyly alluded to them in the spoiler sections at some points).

But there was a couple¬†spoilers that began circulating the movie websites that I made a big fuss over. I advised readers to watch out and avoid the possible spoiler. But now since it didn’t come to pass, I thought it would be fun to share one of them with you. It doesn’t seem like an option for Episode VIII, but who knows. Here goes:

We always knew that Rey goes to an island in search of Luke Skywalker, but one rumor claimed the meeting would be a reveal. Luke put himself in exile because he was afraid the dark side was consuming him. But isolating himself from everyone made things worse. Rey finds out that Luke has been consumed by the dark side and has been secretly been using the dark side of the force to control Kylo Ren remotely. The twist being that Kylo Ren is actually a good guy not under his own control and setting up Luke Skywalker as this trilogy’s big bad.

The only reasons I like this idea is because of the twist and because we know Mark Hamill is great at playing a bad guy. Of course, the pieces to this one don’t quite add up. It would have been an interesting twist/surprise, but I’m not sure it would have transcended gimmickry and resulted in a good story.

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Kylo Ren’s Fall To The Dark Side and The Knights Of Ren

My third theory involves the Knights of Ren. They are mentioned in Star Wars: The Force Awkens as Kylo Ren is mentioned as the “master” of the organization by Snoke, and we even see the mysterious group briefly in Rey’s vision.¬† But we learn very little about Kylo’s descent to the dark side. It seems like such an interesting story to just gloss over. At first I wondered if they might explore that story in one of the A Star Wars Story standalone movies. But then the idea came to me: why not explore it in Episode VIII?

The Star Wars saga has always been moving forward (aside from the prequels, but those are presented in episode number order), and we haven’t even seen a flashback in the films. Sure, Rey’s force vision has the taste of a flashback, but it’s not a flashback. So how could you explore the story of Kylo Ren’s seduction by Snoke, descent to the dark side, the tragedy of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Training Academy, and the Knights of Ren without doing it in dialogue or as a flashback?

Kathleen Kennedy recently confirmed the returning cast for Episode 8, which included Harrison Ford. Was that a slip-up, an effort to protect the spoiler of his death in The Force Awakens, or could it be possible that he appears in a flashback of some kind?

Remember when Force Awakens co-screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan described Rian Johnson’s script as “some weird thing”?

What if Episode VIII began not where we left off with Rey on the island with Luke Skywalker, but instead back in time, presenting that story before we catch up to our current moment in the galactic history. I’m not sure I like this idea because it feels so unlike Star Wars, but it could be interesting.

But another conspiracy theory has been making its way around the inter webs follows, after the jump.

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