In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Wait…are Porgs actually delicious?
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi is done but we still have to wait.
  • Domhnall Gleeson praises JJ Abrams‘ return.
  • Could Darth Vader appear in the Han Solo movie?
  • And much more!

Yes, we know you know already, but The Last Jedi wrapped, and according to director Rian Johnson that means it’s done. Like, done, done. Completely. AND YET WE HAVE THREE MONTHS UNTIL IT IS RELEASED AND THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE WORLD. Ahem. Sorry.


Want to know what Obi-Wan Kenobi might look like in a potential Kenobi Star Wars Story film? You’re in luck, because Sideshow has teamed with Lucasfilm for a figure based on the retired Jedi during the Dark Times. revealed the figure, and we just have to wonder: can Ewan McGregor look like this?

Porg Pop 2

In “please don’t let this be true” news, the Star Wars Made Easy book reportedly says of Porgs: “Cute? Definitely. Tasty? Maybe…” You cannot eat Porgs. This isn’t right. They’re too cute to eat! Although, I guess Bunnies and Ducks are pretty cute and, you know, yummy.


Clone Captain Rex went through some hard times. After thankfully ducking Order 66 after he found out about the chip implanted in every Clone’s head, he went into hiding with a few of his brothers. He’d eventually get back into the fight as the Rebel Alliance would form and recruit him, but apparently not before some questionable decisions. That’s the story this image from Belmont, CA tells, of a man in a Rex max robbing a Donut shop. Oh, Rex. Your conditioning ruined you.


Can you imagine showing up to a meeting and seeing your director looking like this? Well, um… neither can Andrew Garfield, because this is a CGI character. But Garfield did show up to a meeting with Andy Serkis, his director on Breathe, while he was shooting The Last Jedi as Supreme Leader Snoke, and the latter was still in costume. It just so happens that costume is a leotard covered in performance capture symbols and dots. Still, it’s more fun to think he showed up to a meeting with a glorious gold robe, right?


After the successful Nissan “Rogue One” edition, they’re one of six brands teaming up with Disney for significant marketing tie-ins with The Last Jedi this year. Look for General Mills (yay Star Wars cereal tie-ins), Nissan, Verizon, Vizio, Louboutin, and Royal Philips (a health tech company) to have Star Wars focused campaigns this winter. Hopefully you have $30k to drop on a Star Wars car.

Donald Glover doesn’t “know if [he’s] ready for” a Star Wars movie despite winning a directorial Emmy, though he didn’t seem to rule it out completely. As far as the Star Wars he HAS worked on, he says he “got three great directors for the price of one” working on Han Solo.

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