Carrie Fisher passed away just over a year ago, and fans continue to honor her memory with personalized tributes. One such tribute was laid out below the Yoda statue on Lucasfilm’s campus: a handwritten note, two candles, and two bottles of Coca-Cola (Fisher’s favorite drink). A Lucasfilm employee passed by and took a photo for Twitter.


A life-sized bust of Kylo Ren is now available from Sideshow Collectibles for only $1,150! Or more, if you decide to re-enact the film and smash Kylo’s helmet to pieces. I mean, you can’t Kylo halfway.

The Last Jedi final scene

It seems even Star Wars isn’t immune from the “Are Millennials Ruining [X]?” headlines. MovieWeb recently ran a piece  arguing that Millennials are showing the most hatred for The Last Jedi because Kylo Ren’s faults and Rey’s naivete feel too “real.” The Force Awakens, however, gave us the instant gratification we allegedly constantly crave. Listen, I’m guilty of writing my own thinkpiece about how I enjoyed TFA more than TLJ, but I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now and I just can’t even??

hideo kojima

Japanese filmmaker and video game designer Hideo Kojima wrote up an illuminating analysis of the evolution and cinematic impact of Star Wars. “Lucas didn’t end New American Cinema,” Kojima claims, “he created a new way of making films.” Read the piece in its entirety over at RollingStone.

BBQ porg

For fans of the best scene in The Last JediForces of Dorkness is selling a “BBQ Porg inaction figure.” Unfortunately, the product is currently listed as Sold Out, but it should be easy enough to find and roast your own Porg, you lazy bum.

In the latest Q&A, Star Wars Explained addresses the (arguably) most glaring plot hole in The Last Jedi: Why didn’t Admiral Holdo just tell Poe what the grand plan was for the Rebel Fleet? The video also dives into questions about the film’s novelization, whether or not Kylo really outsmarted Snoke, and more.

In another video, Star Wars Explained calmly lets the air out of nearly every single Snoke theory in the wake of the release of The Last Jedi. So… ixnay on Darth Jar Jar?

amc the last jedi poster

Kneel before the masterpiece that is Dan Mumford’s fourth and final poster design for the IMAX release of The Last Jedi. As tweeted out by the official IMAX account, this poster will be made available to viewers starting this Sunday. As Snoke himself said: Give me everything!!

Anyone else getting an itchy trigger finger? This pitch video from gaming studio Double Damage offers a tantalizing look at what a modernized space shooter game could look like. Read more about the hypothetical game over at Kotaku.

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