In a separate video, Star Wars Explained also tackles the necklace spotted in Luke Skywalker’s hut on Ahch-To, which was confirmed by the visual dictionary for The Last Jedi to be a recovered, fragmented Sith lightsaber crystal. The video also addresses the potential connection to Darth Revan and the knights of the Old Republic.

The Last Jedi Holdo

As pointed out by Elite Daily, the visual dictionary for The Last Jedi contains details on Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo that shed some light on the character herself. Holdo hails from Gatalenta, a planet known for its calming tea, its calming retreats, and apparently, its peculiar mode of dress. Holdo’s unique purple gown (and matching hair!) coupled with her refusal to wear a uniform reflects the character’s dedication to her home planet as well as her own personal streak of individualism. Yep, I can totally see why she and Leia are friends.

Amelia Lola Rey Luke Modern Day Fan Art

Artist Amelia Lola answered another burning question on everyone’s minds: What would it look like if Luke and Rey were training on our planet, in this day and age? The charming work of art was retweeted by Rocky – I mean Mark Hamill – himself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the gym. writer and Full of Sith podcaster Bryan Young took to Twitter to elaborate on his thoughts regarding Luke Skywalker’s controversial arc in The Last Jedi. Young argues (beautifully and convincingly) that Luke’s storyline in TLJ is right in line with the character’s entire ethos, and fits well within the saga at large. Check out the full thread of tweets here.

Star Wars LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, two Legoland employees built the world’s largest Millennium Falcon, which is composed of a quarter of a million bricks and measures in at 15 feet long. (Take that, Powell family!) Watch this video from 7 News Adelaide for more.

Dark Luke International poster

1,215,300,000 – that’s the number of dolla bills earned by The Last Jedi so far in theaters worldwide. According to Deadline, that number puts TLJ ahead of Iron Man 3 to become the 12th highest grossing film of all time.

…yet as Variety reports, The Last Jedi has yet to gain any traction in China, the world’s second-biggest movie market, having grossed only $28.7 million in its opening weekend. The Last Jedi was beaten by none other than “The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes,” which had premiered in Chinese theaters the week before. You do you, China.


Be honest: When you saw ol’ Uncle Luke guzzling green milk from a thala-siren’s utter, wasn’t your first thought: gee, I wish I could make a milkshake out of that? Now, you can! Thanks to, you can put together your own thala-siren milkshakes in the comfort of your very own Jedi hermit hut. Share the recipe with all your Force ghost friends!


Porg Invasion! Sounds cute, right? Not so! say actual, real life scientists. “The most likely candidates to become invasive species would be those found around space ports, as they are most likely to be picked up and transported somewhere new,” professor Tim Blackburn, an invasive species expert based in University College London, told The Verge. “Porgs might decimate some native fish if there were no porg-like predators already present.” Read more about the fascinating xenozoology of the Star Wars universe at the link above.

live action star wars tv show

In a brilliant essay for, Emily Asher-Perrin discusses the character of Poe Dameron in The Last Jedi and what lesson Poe – as well as all of the newer members of the Rebel Alliance Part II – need to learn about war, responsibility, and the nature of heroism. “All these kids think they’re doing the right thing—more specifically, they think they’re doing what Leia would have wanted,” Asher-Perrin writes. “They don’t know Holdo, and they are deeply loyal to their general. They think they are going Rogue One all over Holdo, being the savvy, insubordinate heroes.”

 Star Wars The Force Awakens Admiral Ackbar

The body count in The Last Jedi was high, but one death hit fans particularly hard: that of Admiral Ackbar. The admiral is killed in the bridge explosion that nearly takes out Leia, but his death occurs offscreen and is barely addressed at all over the course of the rest of the film. The Huffington Post spoke to Last Jedi editor Bob Ducsay about this unforgivable omission, and Ducsay admitted that maybe the offscreen death was “too incidental.” R.I.P, Admiral Ackbar. As Josh Kurp wrote over at UPROXX: “He recognized every trap, but one: his own demise.”

EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II game has been plagued by gamer complaints, but fear not: Matt the Radar Technician is here to save the day! Player (and now my personal hero) GameTsFe created a mod based on Adam Driver’s character in the viral SNL sketch depicting Kylo Ren as an Undercover Boss at Starkiller Base, and it is glorious. Hit up CinemaBlend for more.

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