Phil Noto Force Awakens

Here’s a video of the recent Alamo Drafthouse event where they showed The Force Awakens trailer 17 times in a row.

Was the wait between shots too much in the Force Awakens trailer? This fan made TV spot fixes that problem and adds some new music too. Well, not SO new.

And finally, we’ll end with a few potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We can’t for sure confirm if any of this is real but, if it is, spoilers abound.

Making Star Wars has a detailed description of a city they believe will be the setting of the finale of the film, whatever that is. They describe a city that has a very rustic feel, but designed in a modern way. “It’s like Wookiees made the Capital Records building,” is a great description. Read more at the site.

The site also is reporting they know a very important line of dialogue from the film. Not only that, they know who says it to who and about what, and it involves severl of the film’s heroes and villains. Major spoilers, but you can read it here.

And finally, pulling together all the speculation we’ve heard and combining it with the teaser trailer, the site thinks they have a good idea of how the first act of the film unfolds. Read it here.

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