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In this (spoiler-fillededition of Star Wars bits:

  • Carrie Fisher‘s dog reacts to Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Critics and audiences are divided over The Last Jedi
  • Mark Hamill takes on your fan theories
  • Rian Johnson addresses the truth about Rey’s parents
  • Is Darth Revan part of the new canon?
  • And much more!

Now that The Last Jedi is finally in theaters, Rolling Stone enlisted none other than Luke Skywalker himself to assess the accuracy of fan theories surrounding the film. With remarkably spoiler-free composure, Mark Hamill reads through the spectacularly insane (Snoke is secretly an Ewok!) to the eerily accurate (Leia demonstrates a Force power!). Check out the full video above.

Dogs – they’re just like us! At an opening night screening of The Last Jedi, Gary, the late Carrie Fisher’s dog (who boasts quite the online following), reportedly “perked up” whenever he noticed Fisher onscreen. I am most definitely not sobbing over my keyboard right now.

last jedi rotten tomatoes

Reviews of The Last Jedi are pretty divisive… from a certain point of view. On the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, the widely anticipated saga film has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from critics while garnering a surprisingly negative score from audiences, leading to existential crises for moviegoers everywhere who identify as both critics and fans. In fact, the audience score – currently at 56% approval – ranks significantly below the 79% audience approval rating for Justice League. Are we on Bizarro world?

Rian johnson Star Wars

Definitely trying to sell The Last Jedi Blu-rays, Rian Johnson noted how many scenes and sequences were cut from the already lengthy 152-minute movie in an interview with Deadline. (Rey running full-speed with her lightsaber, anyone?) He and producer Ram Bergman also discussed the pressures of creating a Star Wars movie, how fun it was to write Grumpy Luke Skywalker, and how they stopped just short of painting the Millennium Falcon purple. Here’s a sample:

We shot a lot, man. Just like any other film, it came together in the edit. The editing is the completion of the writing process. We were not at all precious about this film. We tore it apart. We ripped stuff out. There’s going to be a lot of great deleted scenes. I’m not trying to sell Blu-rays here, there are just going to be a lot of deleted scenes.

Rey has officially been introduced to the EA mobile game Galaxy of Heroes! Now you can kick Kylo’s ass again… and again… and again…

rian johnson star wars the last jedi

Rian Johnson stopped by Variety’s Playback podcast after the release of The Last Jedi to talk about the film in a fascinating, spoiler-free discussion. In it, he describes his approach to constructing the film as the second part of a trilogy, how to make something feel “Star Wars-y,” and much more:

My pitch to Kathy [Kennedy, producer and Lucasfilm president] was basically if the first movie was introduction, this movie is training. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Yoda-style training or a training montage. To me what that means is it’s the movie where we test each one of the characters. We find the hardest possible thing they can come up against and we throw it at them. It’s just like the second act of any movie. It’s where the complications come in and everyone gets stumbling blocks thrown in their way. That’s how you define characters.

Johnson also swung by Oh My Disney to answer a couple of questions about his experience making the film. He reveals his favorite all-time Star Wars character, and which Star Wars character he hoped to channel while directing.

As David Milner pointed out on Twitter in a much pithier and wittier way, with the frequent writing/directing changes, can we even count on continuity between saga films anymore?

Rey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Entertainment Weekly grabbed Rian Johnson for another post-release interview, and the filmmaker leans into Ben Kenobi territory with his equivocation on whether or not Kylo was telling Rey the truth about her parents. Well, Star Wars fans need something to debate for the next two years, so why not the same thing we’ve been debating for the past two years already? Here’s a sample:

The idea is this island has incredible light and the first Jedi temple up top, and then it has an incredible darkness that’s balanced down underneath in the cave. In this search for identity, which is [Rey’s] whole thing, she finds all these various versions of ‘Who am I’ going off into infinity, all the possibilities of her. She comes to the end, looking for identity from somebody, looking for an answer, and it’s just her.

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