Star Wars The Last Jedi - Chewbacca and Porg

Yes, there will be Porg toys, probably a lot of them. Remember how many BB-8s there were for Force Awakens? Double or triple that, probably. One of them will be an interactive, moving and sound-making Porg that Rebel Scum has the first images of. Insert take my money gif here am I right?


Galen “Starkiller” Marek could have been in Star Wars Rebels. Yes, the lead character of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series played by Sam Witwer (he even bore his likeness) and one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance in the Legends continuity nearly made his way into canon, but with a twist: he would’ve been a full-on baddie.

“Dave [Filoni] did share with me, by the way, he considered making Starkiller an Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels. It didn’t quite fit the story that they were telling, but he did think about it because he thought that would be interesting,” Witwer said during a Twitch stream (via Screenrant). As much as I love both Witwer and Starkiller, pretty glad that didn’t happen. Let him be a standout in Legends rather than an also-ran in canon.

star wars rebels S3

Speaking of Star Wars Rebels, the full release details for Season 3 on Blu-ray and DVD were announced. The blu-ray includes four bonus featurettes, plus audio commentary on five episodes! The featurettes hit all the right notes: Mandalore, Thrawn, Kenobi and Maul, and Saw Gerrera – yeah, we’re gonna need to watch these repeatedly for any Season 4 clues. Both Blu-ray and DVD versions will also include a feature on the Rebel Alliance (with hints for Season 4 – booya), and every episode of Rebels Recon from the season. It hits Aug. 29!

What’s that? A Finn in First Order Officer Disguise black series figure from Hasbro? Yes, yes it is. Finn looks glorious in the black uniform he’ll be wearing as he and Rose go on their First Order infiltration mission in The Last Jedi, and it looks like he might steal one of the riot trooper’s new weapons, too.

Holy cow that is cool. LEGO artist Takamichi posted videos and images of his incredible motorized BB-8 model online, and it is just wowing everyone who sees it. What a fabulously cool kit, especially when the head starts to rotate as well. Check out his Flickr for more.

George Lucas The Force Awakens Reaction

George Lucas has no official title or bearing with Lucasfilm anymore, aside from Founder and the fact many still refer to him as “the Maker,” but that doesn’t mean he and Kathleen Kennedy don’t chat once in awhile or that he’s washed his hands of his most popular creation. He visited the set of Rogue One, for instance, and called Gareth Edwards to tell him how much he enjoyed the film. When EW asked Kennedy if he has any suggestions still, she said there’s only small, and oddly specific, things.

“Not really, but he’ll whisper in my ear every now and then. Usually it’s something specific or important to him about Jedi training. Things like that,” Kennedy said. Luckily, Lucasfilm also has the Star Wars Story Group to help with “things like that,” with heaps of knowledge on those sorts of questions.

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