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In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Oscar Isaac‘s tribute to Carrie Fisher contains a Star Wars: Episode 8 surprise.
  • We may know when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is hitting Blu-ray and DVD.
  • Ben Mendelsohn discusses the many different versions of Rogue One on the cutting room floor.
  • Actor Spencer Wilding talks about playing Darth Vader.
  • Star Wars Celebration announces new events and guests.
  • Is Lucasfilm staffing up for a new Star Wars animated show?
  • The Rogue One easter egg that provides another connection to Star Wars Rebels.
  • Every new vehicle and ship in Rogue One, explained.

The first thing you’ll notice in Oscar Isaac’s Facebook tribute to the late, great Carrie Fisher is that reading the brief message is enough to shoot a little dust into your eyes. The second thing you’ll notice is that this picture comes from the set of Star Wars: Episode 8 and both Mark Hamill and Fisher are wearing their new costumes from the film, which haven’t been officially revealed elsewhere.

jeff victor leia

And while we’re sharing Carrie Fisher tributes, this piece by artist Jeff Victor has been making the rounds again and it’s worth taking in.

star wars celebration 2017

Star Wars Celebration has revealed that Doug Chiang, Lucasfilm Vice President and Executive Creative Executive and concept artist on the prequel trilogy, The Force Awakens, and Rogue One, will be one of the convention’s guests at the 2017 edition in Orlando, Florida. They also announced the return of the Tattoo Pavilion, where fans can can inked by professional artists:

At the Star Wars Tattoo pavilion at Celebration Orlando, some of the best tattoo artists in the world will perform their craft live at the show, all weekend long. Sign up in advance for an appointment with the artists, or stop by the pavilion to book your time for the ultimate Star Wars souvenir! Whether you already have a Star Wars tattoo, or get a new one at the show, you can sign up for the Star Wars Celebration Tattoo Competition.

Interested parties are being encouraged to book an appointment ahead of time to guarantee an appointment.

rogue one

Rogue One is still in theaters and still going strong, but that hasn’t stopped some internet sleuths from trying to determine when the film will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD. has discovered that the film is currently available for pre-order from the Australian site EZY DVD, with a release date of April 28, 2017. If that’s accurate (it seems like the proper window in this day and age), that’s almost certainly the international release date. However, it’s also a Friday, which is an unusual, but unheard of, day of the week to drop a new release. So take all of this with the necessary grain of salt.

Rogue One A Star Wars Story - Ben Mendelsohn as Orson Krennic header

Collider spoke with Rogue One star Ben Mendelsohn, who talked about how Gareth Edwards’ shooting style gave the filmmakers a variety of different options in the editing room:

Yep, absolutely, very much. We did have multiple, multiple ways of going at any given scenario, we had multiple readings of it. So should they ever decided to, there would be a wealth of ways of approaching these different things. And I know from having seen sort of the crucial kind of scenes throughout it, I know there’s vastly different readings of at least four of those scenes.

Between that and the reshoots, Mendelsohn says there are several “enormously different” version of the movie lurking in the collective footage:

Absolutely, with enormous differences within I would’ve said 20 or 30 of the scenes. […] There really would be. There would be enormously different renderings.

The Star Wars series has been notoriously stingy about releasing deleted and alternate scenes over the years, but hopefully, one day, we’ll be able to see this extra footage and discover what kind of movie Rogue One could have been in an alternate timeline.

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