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USA Today has a new interview with filmmakers Phil Lord and Chris Miller and the bulk of the questions concern their television projects Son of Zorn and The Last Man on Earth. However, the conversation does touch on the Han Solo movie they’re currently guiding toward a 2018 release date. Specifically, the focus in on just how much actor Alden Ehrenreich had to endure to nab the coveted part:

That guy pretty much went through an audition pentathlon; it was like an acting steeplechase. He went against a lot of very strong competitors and was very consistently the guy from minute one. He was the first person who auditioned out of thousands, and just out of the box, made you believe that someday he’d grow into the character we know.

Even though we’ve yet to see him in action as Han, Ehrenreich feels like genuinely inspired casting, especially with two guys as capable as Lord and Miller at the helm.

Star Wars Rebels Thrawn

Author Timothy Zahn was present at the Star Wars Writer’s Roundtable panel at the New York Comic-Con last week and, naturally, he was asked about the current state of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Zahn originally created the character in beloved series of novels and while those stories have been removed from canon, the popular character has been resurrected for a major role in Star Wars Rebels. Zahn explained that his upcoming novel, Thrawn, will a prequel to his role on the show:

This is a prequel. This is going to show how he rose through the Imperial ranks to the point where he shows up in season three of Star Wars Rebels. You’ll see the season, and then you can go back and find out how he got to where he was.

Zahn also explained what it was like to watch a character he created be brought into the larger Star Wars world and made part of the new canon:

They dropped the bomb on me the next day. I never would have envisioned, never would have expected this. I’ve hoped for years to see one of my characters brought into a movie or TV show or something else, but I never actually thought it would happen. It’s starting to feel real. For ten months it’s been kind of, This can’t really be happening, can it? And then when I saw Thrawn on the TV set in my own house? Ok, now I guess it is real. I do want to say that I’ve seen some of the scripts and for those people who are worried that they’re going to ruin the character: don’t. They’re doing a very good job.

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The official Star Wars app has been updated with some new Star Wars Rebels season 3 emojis and artist Truck Torrence was more than happy to share them on Twitter. Now you have an excuse to start incorporating Thrawn and Maul into your day-to-day conversations…

The latest episode of the Rebels Recon series takes a look at “The Antilles Extraction,” the third episode of the third season of Star Wars Rebels, offering a look at the creation of the episode with the show’s various producers and creators.

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