Star Wars fans where already annoyed at the lack of Rey toys when the film first arrived last year, but the entire #WheresRey? campaign hit is apex when it was revealed that the new Star Wars Monopoly game wouldn’t feature the actual main character of the film. The resulting outcry led to Hasbro promising a figure of Rey in future printings of the game. Now, The Verge has revealed our first look at little Monopoly Rey, which will be shipped with new copies of the game this fall.

It was inevitable, and we’re shocked it took the internet this long to do it, but someone has recreated the opening credits of Firefly using footage from Star Wars Rebels. As far as fan mash-ups go, this one is better than most for two reasons. First, there is a direct thematic connection between the shows as they both follow unlikely heroes operating on the fringes of the galaxy. Second, it’s just another chance to listen to the Firefly theme song again and how can you say no to that?

Speaking of Star Wars Rebels, the new series’ bonds with the late and beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars continue to strengthen. It has been revealed (via the Twitter feed of Lucasfilm’s Tracy Cannobbio) that Catherine Taber will guest star on Rebels, voicing a grown up version of the Numa, who was last seen as a young child on The Clone Wars. Taber also voiced the younger Numa (as well as various other Clone Wars characters), but this will mark her Rebels debut.

So what’s up with Jawas? Really. If you want to know, the latest episode of Star Wars Minute takes a look at they diminutive scavengers and it turns out… that we really don’t know much about these mysterious little creatures. Okay, someone needs to go pitch a novel about the secret history of these little guys because their lack of a definitive history is at total odds with the rest of the Star Wars universe.

Mashable had a chance to play with InteracTech’s new Stormtrooper toy and yeah, it’s pretty cool. $29.99 is actually a pretty fair price for a toy that makes all of your old action figures look a little like antiques.

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