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What? The official announcement that Star Wars: Episode 8 has begun filming wasn’t enough for you? Okay. Fine. Sheesh. Here’s some more Star Wars Bits. In today’s edition:

  • A possible date for the next Force Friday event.
  • The latest round of awards for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • A seriously intense study of the Star Wars expanded universe.
  • Jacob Tremblay wants to be in a Star Wars movie, thank you very much.
  • The coolest Star Wars drone yet.
  • A Star Wars: The Clone Wars veteran joins Star Wars Rebels.
  • A new look at LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • The long-lost identity of the actor who played Boshek.
  • Rey in finally on the way to Star Wars Monopoly.
  • The highlight of the latest issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader.
  • A Star Wars/Mario Kart mash-up, just in case that’s your thing.
  • A Star Wars Rebels/Firefly mash-up, just in case that’s your thing.
  • And more!

Remember last September when you lined up for hours to spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise for a Star Wars movie that nobody had seen yet? Yep, Force Friday was certainly a thing that happened, an event that managed to reflect Star Wars fandom at its best (it’s a big community full of passionate folks!) and its worst (it’s a big community full of weirdos who line up for toys!). Anyway, the event was a huge success in just about every way, so of course it’s happening again. Jedi News took to Twitter to reveal that 2016’s Force Friday is already set for September 30 and that the line of toys and merch will be centered around Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. You should take this with the necessary grain of salt until something is officially announced, but the timeline certainly makes sense.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a big winner at this year’s Advanced Imaging Society’s Creative Arts Awards, which honor the latest and greatest in films that push the technological envelope. J.J. Abrams’ film took home statuettes for best 3D live-action feature and best 2D-to-3D conversion, which certainly feel well-deserved. In an age where many audiences are rejecting 3D thanks to poor conversions and murky visuals, The Force Awakens actually managed to utilize this technology very well. Kudos to everyone involved!

The ridiculously adorable Jacob Tremblay appeared on Conan to discuss his role in the excellent Room and he once again stole our hearts right our of our chests. The young actor recently finished filming The Book of Henry under the direction of Star Wars: Episode 9‘s Colin Trevorrow and he was not unaware of the director’s next project. Like just about every young boy in existence, Tremblay likes Star Wars and he told Trevorrow that he will happily play a part in the saga. But who would he play? Oh, he let Conan O’Brien know and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Game Informer has dedicated their next cover story to LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and they’ve spent the past few weeks steadily unveiling new details about the game. Their latest video about the game may be the most interesting one yet. This quick interview with lead story designer Graham Goring and cutscene director Phil Gray explores how they took a movie filled with its fair share of dark and difficult moments and reconfigured them so they would work within a comedic video game. How do you handle the death of Han Solo in a game that is otherwise wacky and silly fun?

We’ve seen our fair share of impressive Star Wars-themed drones, but few of them has been quite as jaw-dropping as this Lambda Shuttle, which can actually retract its wings as it goes in for a landing. If you want to know more, designer and builder A.J. Woods has shared photos of his process.

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