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TMZ has obtained photos of an X-Wing on the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They look exactly how you’d expect them to look: a battered Rebel spacecraft sitting in a garage, waiting to be wheeled out sometime in the future. There is one interesting feature here though and that’s the black paint job, which separates this craft from its original trilogy brethren while providing a direct connection to the more varied and colorful X-Wings of The Force Awakens.

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Elstree 1976, an unauthorized documentary exploring the minor actors and extras who have appeared in the Star Wars saga, has found a distributor in FilmRise. Not bad for a scruffy, Kickstarter-funded doc that didn’t have the backing of a major studio! Here’s how The Hollywood Reporter describes the film:

Having made its world premiere in October at the London Film Festival, Elstree 1976 explores the lives of the actors and extras behind the franchise, from a first trilogy villain to the actor whose character was completely cut from the final film. The documentary delves into the eccentric community the actors have formed and how the Star Wars franchise continues to impact their lives. Elstree refers to the village in England that houses the studio where the original Star Wars trilogy was produced.

Considering the sheer number of men and women who still make the Comic-Con rounds after making brief appearances in this movie, this could be absolutely fascinating.

The always informative and entertaining Star Wars Minute YouTube channel has dedicated their latest episode to running down every single lightsaber design we’ve seen so far. You know what to do.

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