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It’s no secret the 20th Century Fox had very little faith in the original 1977 Star Wars. The untold story, though, involves the distribution executives who took on George Lucas‘ weird space movie and found their careers skyrocketing for their efforts. A new THR profile on some of these guys reveals that theaters were originally encouraged to play Star Wars because it would secure them the Sidney Sheldon thriller The Other Side of Midnight:

I think it did more or less start that way — Fox making you take Star Wars if you wanted Other Side of Midnight. But it ultimately flipped around: If you wanted Star Wars, you had to play the other film.

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Above: For the Star Wars fan who needs adorable drawings they can share in Facebook comments, there are these stickers, available here.

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SGS Engineering has crunched some numbers and it turns out small-time smuggler Han Solo must be a secret millionaire. According to their estimates, a spaceship like the Millennium Falcon would cost £2,044,000 (or just over $3 million) per year in repairs and maintenance. And if it costs that much to keep a huge hunk of junk running, how much could a Star Destroyer cost?

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While we’re on the subject of very smart people using math to break down the Star Wars universe, there’s this new The Hollywood Reporter piece that shed some, well, interesting light on fans of this franchise. It turns out that that the average American spends $4,100 on technology, auto, food and personal care each year… while the average Star Wars fan spends $4,300. Star Wars fans also spend more money on snacks than the average American, which explains a lot. Oh, and a Star Wars fans is likely to be a Gen Xer and is 17% more likely to be Asian than the average American. Does this sound like you yet? Let us know.

Because the internet is a strange place where nothing is impossible, here is The Late Late Show host James Corden singing a Christmas-themed Star Wars song (or is it a Star Wars-themed Christmas song?) with The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick. Enjoy. Or don’t. We’re really not sure.

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