Star Wars: the Force Awakens star destroyer - Finalizer

Fathead has released a bunch of new wall graphics for Star Wars: the Force Awakens, giving us a better look at the film’s Star Destroyer, which we previously found out is named the Finalizer.

We’ve already written our thoughts about the Journey to The Force Awakens novel Star Wars: Aftermath, including some of the canon changing details. Drew at Hitfix has put together a list of 11 things he learned about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens world from the prequel book. Here is an excerpt:

Jakku is the ass end of nowhere and horrible all over: From the one sequence in the book that takes place in Jakku, the desert planet we’ve been seeing in the trailers for “The Force Awakens,” it’s apparent that this place makes Tatooine seems to be as crawling with activity as Coruscant by comparison. If you’re stuck on Jakku, you really are as far from the center of things as you can possibly be, which is going to make it even stranger when a tiny droid named BB-8 comes rolling out of the wastelands with a familiar lightsaber that sets him and a whole new group of characters on a big adventure…

IGN also premiered a small preview of Star Wars: Shattered Empire Issue 2, which comes out in October 2015. See the images above. Nothing huge to take away from these action focused images.

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