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Jetset has published a new profile on Donnie Yen, the Chinese actor who plays the warrior monk Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One. While the whole thing is worth reading (Yen’s non-Star Wars work is pretty incredible), the most interesting bit involves Yen explaining that he was given freedom to create the character as he saw fit and that it was his decision to make Chirrut blind:

Gareth Edwards definitely knew what he was getting when he brought on Yen, and allowed him to flesh out his Force-sensitive character how he saw fit (“it was my idea to make him blind,” Yen says proudly). Today, Yen is pleased with his contribution to the film and even embraces the fact that he will forever be immortalized as a Lego (“I think I might give them out as gifts,” he jokes).

rogue one novelization cover

The next Star Wars novel to hit shelves is Star Wars: Catalyst, a prequel to Rogue One set during the Clone Wars, but Alexander Freed’s novelization will soon follow. And that’s the cover, which is pretty much the most recent poster with only a few minor changes. The ebook will drop on December 16, the same day that the film is released. A hardcover date has not been announced.

The latest episode of The Star Wars Show has arrived and with it, the news of Rogue One: Recon, a new 360 experience being developed by ILMxLab that will put the viewer in an X-Wing during a big space battle.

doctor aphra comic preview

Newsarama has released a few preview pages from Doctor Aphra #1, the first issue of the new comic book series following the morally flexible criminal archaeologist introduced in the pages of (officially finished and pretty damn good) Darth Vader comic. You can check out more pages at the link above.

george lucas museum

After years of failing to get it built in San Francisco and Chicago, George Lucas’ long-planned Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is now eyeing Los Angeles, California and new renderings of what it will look like have been released. As you’d expect from a museum named after the man who created Star Wars, the building (designed by Chinese architect Ma Yansong) looks more like a spaceship that has landed in Exposition park than a traditional museum.

george lucas museum

Considering how strongly Chicago and San Francisco rejected Lucas’ attempts to build in their cities, this is still far from a sure thing.

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