Recently while on Google Chat with Peter, I predicted that Paul Thomas Anderson would follow-up There Will Be Blood with an intensely signature sci-fi undertaking. You can look at the guy in interviews and gleam all of the sick projects dancing in his eyes and hiding in the best smirk in the business; he looks like he’s ready to do some serious Kubrickian-level genre trail blazing. When journalists have quoted him recently, relating his own gnawing, towering ambition and fighting spirit to that of Daniel Plainview’s, they often seem taken aback as if this were a bad or maniacal confession. Screw that. It’s cause for excitement. When you’ve got the touch, you don’t deny it. You say, “yeah, I relate to that [smirk].” There is a little dose of crazy behind all great works (sometimes a lot), and with Oscars definitely coming his way, he’ll need some Plainview to punch through the expectations and torrential glitz.

So, like I said, I thought epic sci-fi would be in order, but apparently it’s spookier. He oft refers to There Will Be Blood as a horror film, but word today over at Bloody Disgusting is that PTA’s pining for some genre horror, like, on The Exorcist or Halloween tip. They say to expect an official announcement of some kind in the coming months. Yeah, that’s all I got. Now, maybe you’re feeling ripped off, like you just went to a palm reader, handed her your wallet with a red bicycle photo in it and she told you you had a red bicycle. But based on what I’m hearing off the record and a lil’ gut intuition, I’m willing to put chips on the table that PTA’s next film is horror or sci-fi and not an ensemble drama. Any director who takes an Oscar and goes off to make a movie to scare all of us up a tree deserves to have his towering ambition erected into a tower made of 80 floors of whatever he finds awesome. I’ll help build it. PTA horror, can you dig it?!

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