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Blade Runner 2049

Tom Rothman introduced actor Ryan Gosling to talk about Blade Runner 2049, which Rothman claims will “expand the mythology in pretty astounding ways.” He said the script is so good that it attracted one of the visionary filmmakers of our time, meaning Arrival director Denis Villeneuve. Rothman explained that the last time he saw Gosling, he was on a giant set on a freezing night in Budapest, with huge buckets of water being dropped on him. Gosling talked about the practical production of the film:

“I was so surreal to be walking around the universe of Blade Runner. The craftsmanship of this film is really on another level. Every location was real, every set was there, every prop was functional. It was a fully functioning living breathing world. It made it so easy in the end to concentrate on the internal world of these characters as the external world was so rich and filled with detail.”

Gosling says the film came out when he was two years old and admits that he saw everything that stole from Blade Runner before he saw the original. But when he saw the movie and it blew him away, so being part of this world is special to him.

Rothman revealed that a big portion of the film takes place in Las Vegas, but the scenes were shot in Budapest. When Rothman asked Gosling to tell the audience about it, the actor joked that he isn’t sure he’s even allowed to say he enjoyed making the movie.

The footage begins with clips from the original Blade Runner and some words: “In 1982…a film revolutionized movies…and how we saw the future. Now…”

We see a closeup of a gun in Gosling’s character’s hand, and the camera pulls out to reveal he is bloody and standing in a blue-lit rain. He walks towards a building. Inside we see glass display cases housing unmoving human beings, probably replicants. We meet Jared Leto’s character in this location. He says, “We make angels, but I can only make so many.” So clearly he is the creator of these replicants.

We saw some fast-cut glimpses of this world and everything looks as fantastic as that early teaser – colorful, vivid, beautiful. We are shown the same clip of him coming face to face with Harrison Ford’s Deckard for the first time. Ford is pointing a gun at Gosling and says “You’re a cop? I had your job once; I was good at it.” “I know.” “What do you want?” “I want to ask you some questions.”

The most unusual clip from this new trailer was a shot of Gosling’s character walking through a snowy environment. We see a scene with Gosling having a conversation with a woman on the top of a skyscraper. It looks like a scene that could be straight out of the original movie.

“There is an order to things,” she says. “It’s what we do here. We keep order.”

We also see a gas station on fire in the middle of nowhere, a holographic woman, a futuristic stage show in Vegas, and Gosling reading through a book. A woman’s voice says:

“I always told you, you’re special. The story isn’t over yet; there is still a page left.”

The footage looked stunning and beautiful. The world-building looks very promising, but they have barely even begun to tease the mysterious plot of the new film.

Flatliners Sequel

We then saw a quick sizzle reel featuring footage from other movies:

  • A horror movie called Cadavers, about a woman who works with dead bodies. The teaser ends with a push in on a body vault and we can hear her trapped inside, trying to get out.
  • A female John Wick-style action film called Proud Mary that just doesn’t even seem to compare to Atomic Blonde.
  • A remake of Flatliners (which didn’t have a title card, leading to speculation that it might have a different title or subtitle) starring Ellen Page. She and her co-workers are experimenting with death, with plans to document the experience of being killed for 60 seconds and then revived. We get glimpses of the dream-like states that they go into, which quickly become more like nightmares.  The footage ends with Page dragged out of a dark house like a typical horror movie. I was expecting the Flatliners remake to have more of a unique angle to it, but it looks exactly like what you might imagine a Flatliners update might look like.
  • Rough Night: A female bachelor party movie that begins like the long line of Bridesmaids-style comedy copycats, but when a stripper is accidentally killed, it seems to turn into a more interesting Very Bad Things-style dark comedy with the group of women having to transport the dead body, Weekend At Bernie’s style. Could be fun.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

The presentation ended with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson presenting the first footage from Jumanji, which seems to have a new title: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Johnson wanted to pay homage to the original movie and to the late great Robin Williams while also “make it global, big and fun.” Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black were also in attendance at the convention. Jack joked that shooting in the jungles of Hawaii was “pure hell,” saying it was harder than what Leo had to deal with while shooting The Revenant.

The extended trailer we watched for Jumanji was surprisingly good. It begins with a group of high school students attending detention – think The Breakfast Club with the same archetypes. A teacher tells them, “You’re all here for a reason. You should all think about who you are and who you want to be. Fortunately, you’ll have a lot of time to figure that out while you clean out the basement.”

While cleaning the basement, they find an old school video game system and try to play it on an old CRT television. In the system is a 16-bit style Jumanji game and the kids select their characters from the on-screen menu. When they hit start, they get sucked into the game and find themselves in the body of the avatar they selected. For instance, the geek is now The Rock, and the hot girl is inside Jack Black’s body.

They discover they each have unique skills and it’s revealed that they each have only three lives, which is an interesting twist (and comes into play later). Johnson gets into a fight and we see them exploring the island. I’m usually not a fan of Kevin Hart, but his interplay between Rock is fun. Johnson’s character explains that games like this have levels and they need to complete a bunch of levels to beat the game and escape the game. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n Roses plays in the background, naturally.

In one scene, they need to return a jewel to a statue, but it’s apparently not that easy. This requires journeying through an Indiana Jones-style temple. Other moments include:

Johnson being told told that he reminds a character of another adventurer who once visited the world.

Jack Black gets eaten by a giant hippo, who appears out of the water Deep Blue Sea-style.

We saw another big action scene with our heroes in helicopters escaping a herd of giant rhinos.

I have to admit, I wasn’t really into any of the Jumanji photos released thus far (it looked super cheesy), but this trailer explained everything and was, surprisingly, a lot of fun. It looks like it could be a fun update/sequel. It’s promising for sure!


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