slashfilm top 15 the big short

10. The Big Short

18 points

Adam McKay‘s terrifying and hilarious examination of the U.S. financial crisis battled its way through a tie-breaker to get this point. Despite only receiving strong support from two ballots, the film was well-liked enough to gain support when those final votes were cast. Hey, no one said making sausages and top 15 lists was the most dynamic thing in the world.

“You may not always fully comprehend every bit of information, but that doesn’t matter, because you always understand what it all means to the characters — a cast of loners and oddballs that, for the most part, hate how right they are.” -JG

“It’s not exactly a tale of heroes fighting for the American people, but an illustration of the broken financial and government system that we somehow trust everyday. Presented in a satirical way to make the “boring” stuff easier to swallow, there’s no excuse for not being angry after watching this look at a scar on America that may never heal.” -EA

slashfilm top 15 inside out

9. Inside Out

18 points

Despite its frontrunner status at the Academy Awards and more widespread critical acclaim than any Pixar movie in years, Inside Out had a bit of an uphill battle getting into the /Film top 10. Still, when it came down to those precious tie-breaker votes, it’s hard to say no to the movie that shatters your emotions into a million pieces before kneeling over and helping you pick up all of the shards.

“Inside Out presents a simple but no less significant presentation of how our feelings affect our everyday lives. Lively, beautiful and moving in more ways than one, this is a film that we can all connect to on some level, brought to life effortlessly by the perfect voice cast. It’s hard not to love a movie that makes you cry over an imaginary friend.” -EA

“Inside Out has jokes for days, but it is the emotional catharsis of the final act, where the pain that accompanies letting go of childhood is internally dramatized, that makes it a masterpiece.” -Jacob Hall

slashfilm top 15 brooklyn

8. Brooklyn

22 points

In a top 10 almost entirely dominated my miserable assholes, hateful murders, selfish jerks, and horrifying conspiracies, the warm, gentle and just plain lovely Brooklyn is a nice breath of fresh air. It’s the kind of movie that smiles and shrugs when it realizes it was beaten out by the bloodiest movie on the entire list by one measly point.

“Brooklyn snuck up on me this year. Like its protagonist, it’s deceptively simple and unassuming; also like its protagonist, it turns out to have a warmth and an intelligence that are hard to shake. Eilis’ immigrant tale feels all the more universal for being so specific, all the more significant for being so ordinary, and all the more romantic for being so steadfastly clear-eyed.” -AH

“Perhaps what’s so satisfying about Brooklyn is how simple it is. In many ways it’s a quaint story that you already know, but that doesn’t keep it from feeling fresh and just plain wonderful.” -EA

slashfilm top 15 the hateful eight

7. The Hateful Eight

23 points

Quentin Tarantino‘s The Hateful Eight has proven divisive among regular moviegoers of all stripes, so it’s not surprising that it only made it onto half of the /Film ballots. However, those who did support it placed it in their top fives, giving it enough points to land comfortably at this spot.

“This is a mean movie, a bucket of icy water in the face after the catharsis of Django. The Hateful Eight takes its time, and indulges in its own tangents. It doesn’t like you and it doesn’t care if you like it. That’s aggressive and brave and suicidal and ridiculous and, well, that’s Tarantino.” -JH

“Here’s a Quentin Tarantino film that’ll grow richer with time. At first, I knew The Hateful Eight was great fun, but it took a few more viewings to realize it’s a genuinely great movie. Once you know the film’s second half, details before the intermission take on new meaning.” -JG

slashfilm top 15 anomalisa

6. Anomalisa

26 points

Despite appearing on three of our top 15 lists, Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson‘s melancholy and grimly funny stop-motion drama was not a sure-thing for this top 10. After all, it placed first, seventh and fourteenth on those ballots, which is far from a critical consensus. And yet there was enough love (particularly from yours truly) to it to keep in the game. If this combined list is truly about what movies we all dislike the least, then Anomalisa was never going to be top five material.

“Whatever it is, Anomalisa cuts to the darkest, most despairing truths of human existence: for some people, happiness is fleeting, loneliness is a way of life, and all you can do is desperately hold onto those little moments that shake you out of complacency. Anomalisa, which brings these complex people to life with wicked black comedy and uncomfortable nuance, is almost too real. Not bad for an animated movie.” -JH

“Anomalisa isn’t a cheery movie by any means, but its bleak outlook paradoxically make this cold world feel a little bit warmer. After all, it means you’re not the only one hurting.” -AH

“Run through the ups and downs of love and happiness in a way that only Charlie Kaufman can deliver. At first it seems weird that this kind of movie is stop-motion animated, but as you begin to realize the presentation of all but two of the characters is meant to be exactly the same, the core of the story becomes clear.” -EA

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