John Wick Chapter 2

Keanu Reeves doesn’t have the widest range as an actor, but he’s very, very good at a few specific things and John Wick seemed hellbent on building an entire movie around those individual elements. John Wick: Chapter 2 director Chad Stahelski (who directed the first film alongside David Leitch) spoke with Empire about his leading man and how having a guy who can actually sell the physicality of an action hero makes all the difference:

You go watch any of the great Hong Kong guys, [you’re watching] wider shots; you’re watching an extremely talented individual. If you’re using fast editing to hide things, I call bullshit. That’s cheating. Luckily, we have a cast member that can do it. Keanu’s been doing martial arts for 25 years. He’s been trained by us, he’s been trained by Yuen Wo Ping. He’s been trained by Chen Yen.

If anyone is capable of having John Wick: Chapter 2 placed in front of my eyes at this very moment, feel free to reach out.


Remember how Bad Moms became one of the sleeper hits of 2016 and further evidence that comedies starring women could make bank at the box office and the first thing the studio did was announce a spin-off called Bad Dads? Yeah. Oof. Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore spoke to CinemaBlend about a potential sequel and they emphasized that they very much want to make a direct sequel:

Our goal right now, first and foremost, is to make Bad Moms 2. To find out a way to get the sequel off the ground, because we had such a great experience making the movie. We know that the studio is excited about expanding the world of, whatever you would call it, the Bad Dads and Bad other things. Our primary focus is on doing a sequel, because I completely agree with you. It was too fun making this thing to not make another one.

Lucas then went a step further:

We want to go full Police Academy where we are on, like, Number 9 or 10 and still trying out how to make this funny.

I’m not sure if the Police Academy movies, which grew increasingly dire with each entry, are the best model for anyone wanting to make a comedy franchise, but sure! Go for it. Do what you gotta do.


Director James Gunn has had it with you attaching him to films he has nothing to with! After being photographed with a Tron light cycle, the internet instantly decided that he must be working on Tron 3. But he wasn’t, and Gunn unleashed the withering sarcasm:

We also have a Rocketeer mask displayed in our offices; I am not doing a Rocketeer movie either. I once rode Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree, and I am not doing a Cars sequel. And, so I don’t fail to mention it, in 2007 I attended a party where Pauly Shore was, and am also not attached to Encino Man 2.

Pac Rim prep at legacy effects! CREEPY! #lovethineself

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Pacific Rim 2 is set to go before cameras soon and John Boyega, who is playing the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost, is amusing himself by posing with prop recreations of his own head and sharing video on Twitter. Look, if you were starring in Star Wars and playing the son of the guy who canceled the apocalypse, you’d be having a great time, too.

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