John Wick Chapter 2

In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Keanu Reeves shows off his John Wick: Chapter 2 weapon skills.
  • Tom Cruise teases an insane stunt for Mission: Impossible 6.
  • Pitch Perfect 3 brings back Anna Camp.
  • Paddington 2 recruits Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson into the cast.
  • John Boyega is set to begin filming Pacific Rim 2 soon.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda teases Mary Poppins Returns.
  • George Takei critiques the new Star Trek movies.
  • And more!

There are a handful of movies I will literally stop in my tracks to watch it someone puts it on in front of me and one of those movies is John Wick, which features Keanu Reeves playing one of cinema’s finest and most brutally efficient killing machines. A little while back, we saw some footage of Reeves training for the sequel, John Wick Chapter 2, and now we’ve been granted additional footage proving that Mr. Reeves could kill you dead if necessary. From the video’s description:

Aaron Cohen trains Keanu Reeves for John Wick Chapter 2. Training consisted of over 3 weeks of pre-production tactical firearms prep. Specific gear and tactics included concealed draw training with Cohen’s newly released Cherries Below-The-Waistband Deep Concealment Holster, and over 40 hours of carbine combined with limited penetration room clearing.

In other words, don’t corner Keanu Reeves in a darkened alley unless you want to end up at the morgue.

While we’re on the subject of actors with a habit of really diving headfirst into their action movies, this new interview Tom Cruise finds the always-committed movie star promising that the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6 will follow in the footsteps of previous entries and showcase the actor doing stunts both insane and deadly. I’m not sure how you top the skyscraper climbing of Ghost Protocol or that absurd motorcycle chase from Rogue Nation, but I do know that Cruise won’t ever retire from acting – he will simply die on set one day, a big smile on his face.

Pitch Perfect 2

In news that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, Anna Camp has officially joined the cast of Pitch Perfect 3, making her the third series veteran to officially sign on the dotted line (following Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson). Camp’s Aubrey Posen was a lead character in the 2012 original, but she was more or less an extended cameo in 2015’s Pitch Perfect 2. The second sequel, which will be directed by Trish Sie, is set for a December 22, 2017 release date.

We’re pretty sure the image that image is concept art from the first film, but the news that John Boyega is set to begin shooting Pacific Rim 2 soon is exciting news indeed. Even more important is that hashtag: “I’m a Pentecost.” The thought of an actor as good as Boyega playing the son of Idris Elba’s character from the first movie is exciting stuff.

paddington 2 poster

Above you will find the first teaser poster for Paddington 2, or as it is now called around my home: Oh My God The Cute Bear In People Clothes Is Eating a Sandwich Shaped Like the Number Two. The first Paddington was such a pleasant surprise, a warm and gentle and funny family movie that felt no need to indulge in the worst habits of most moves aimed at children, so bring on the sequel. Anyway, Paddington 2 has started shooting and a few final cast members have been announced, including Hugh Grant as “a vain, charming acting legend whose star has fallen somewhat in recent years” and Brendan Gleeson as “a notorious safe-cracker and strongman who becomes Paddington’s unexpected ally.”

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