alice through the looking glass

Disney has released two new clips from Alice Through the Looking Glass and the footage here looks very much in line with Tim Burton’s 2010 original. For better or worse (and I fall firmly into the worse category on this one), director James Bobin has apparently stuck very close to the aesthetic and tone of the first film. The clip above, where Mia Wasikowska’s Alice is recruited to rescue Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter, is like nails on the world’s most colorful chalkboard.

Equally irritating is this clip, where Depp and Sacha Baron Cohen (playing the literal personification of time) duel each other with silly voices while wearing outrageous costumes. I know there are people out there who are very excited to see this movie, but this is my personal hell.

Australian singer Sia (of “Chandelier” fame) has contributed a cover of “Unforgettable” to end credits of Pixar’s Finding Dory and she stopped by The Ellen Show to perform it live. It really is a lovely cover of a lovely song and it’s all too appropriate for a movie that stars a very forgetful fish.

star trek poster

Yep, the new Star Trek Beyond poster is very much a riff on the iconic one-sheet for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. That poster is actually the best part of the original lackluster movie, so hopefully Star Trek Beyond isn’t trying to tell us something.

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