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Neill Blomkamp is very excited to be the new director of the next Alien:

My job is to give the fans, including me, a movie that feels as linked to the first and second film as I can possibly handle. Everything about it needs to be connected to those movies. If I can make it my own in the way James Cameron made ‘Aliens’ his own, I can do it to that percentage, but never harming the tone of the first two movies.

And he has the support of Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver. “I would love to take Ripley out of orbiting around in space and give a proper finish to what was such an excellent story,” she said.

Weaver also shared a cute little anecdote about the moment she found out her Chappie director was also going to be her Alien director. Apparently they’d already had several discussions about the potential for another Alien film. And then, she continues:

I finally said, ‘Yeah, yeah, you know it’s a pity we didn’t really finish the story. It’s such a good story, it’s really loved.’ I said, ‘I should probably talk to Jim Cameron about that.’ And he said, ‘Don’t talk to Jim Cameron about that, talk to me about that.’ So we kept talking about it.”

[THR, Variety]

There have been some pretty crazy rumors about the plot of Terminator: Genisys, and today we have a few more to add to the pile. Be warned that major spoilers might lie ahead.

An alleged script leak has revealed that the T-1000, the T-850, and the younger T-800 will be pursuing Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor early in the film, only to be taken out before the second half. The real villain, it turns out, will be John Connor, who’s been infected by a sort of Terminator nano-virus.

There are many more juicy details at What Culture, but we’d caution you to take all of this with a huge grain of salt. Terminator: Genisys opens July 1. [via io9]

When Jurassic World isn’t being overrun by angry dinosaurs, it actually seems like a pretty nice place. In the latest still from the movie, Bryce Dallas Howard and Irrfan Khan seem to be enjoying the view. They might as well, because they aren’t likely to have many more moments of peace in the movie.

Jurassic World

Howard plays Claire Dearing, the park operations manager at Jurassic World, and Khan is Simon Masrani, owner of the park and CEO of its parent company Masrani Global Corporation. Jurassic World opens its doors on July 12. [Comic Book Movie]

The latest video from the Rome set of Spectre confirms that James Bond still enjoys chasing bad guys in an expensive car around a fancy European city. That’s his silver Aston Martin, and who knows who’s in the orange Jaguar.

Spectre arrives November 6. [USA Today]

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