Saoirse Ronan Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Late for Class – For the first few minutes of this sketch, I thought I had a shoe-in for the worst sketch of the night. Even the live audience, who chuckles out of politeness most of the time, was not laughing at all. Freshman cast member Luke Null wasn’t pausing for laughter either though, and I was ready to predict his firing after just one season. But then the sketch takes a turn, and I laughed so hard. I don’t want to spoil it, but this sketch has a great twist. Unfortunately, after the twist there are some flat jokes and a poor ending. Otherwise, this would have been one of the best.

American Girl Store – The premise of this sketch is great, and Mikey Day does a fine job of executing the weird grown man caught in an explosion at the American Girl store. But at the same time, it didn’t quite feel like it lived up to its full potential. However, when the sketch slowed down, the cut back to reactions from the news team helped liven things up a bit.

Return Counter – It’s been awhile since SNL has done a sketch with a parade of different characters like this with no real progression. The premise is centered around a cavalcade of odds characters coming to a K-Mart return counter who just keep getting weirder and weirder. It almost felt like a written version of an improv game which was enjoyable, but not exactly a home run.

White House Christmas – While the use of A Christmas Carol parody livened up the increasingly stale political sketches on SNL this season, it wasn’t quite enough to raise the hilarity. Though the appearance of Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton as one of the Christmas spirits was a fantastic touch, it still didn’t make this sketch rise above just being average.

The Worst

Aer Lingus – Though the perpetually cheery and lackadaisical nature of Aer Lingus was mildly amusing, this sketch was more charming than funny. The presence of the dogs only added to that feeling, and the cunnilingus joke felt too easy. This sketch wasn’t exactly terrible, but it was definitely on the low end of the episode.

Bachelor Auction – It looks like SNL is trying to turn Peter Davidson’s Chad character into the kind of character who can pop up in any sketch. That’s fine, but this sketch did not make a good use of the character. If anything, the kind of things that Chad had to do in this sketch kind of took away form the traits of what makes the character funny. For example, that Jim Carrey as the Grinch impression was far too good for Chad. While the women in this sketch were entertaining, the sketch never really felt like it came together.

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