Sam Rockwell Hosted Saturday Night Live

The first Saturday Night Live of 2018 featured Golden Globe winner Sam Rockwell making his hosting debut. Considering how disappointing the Christmas episode with Kevin Hart ended up being towards the end of 2017, the pressure was on for the writers and cast of the late night sketch series to come back with a vengeance.

Thankfully, the Sam Rockwell hosted Saturday Night Live was an absolute delight, even if it came with a handful of missteps throughout the night, including one hilarious f-bomb that made it onto live television. So without further ado, let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the night.

The Best

Science Show – Not only were Cecily Strong and Mikey Day perfect as a pair of nervous, clueless kids on a PBS science TV show geared towards children, but Sam Rockwell as the increasingly annoyed adult host made it even better. Also, this might be the best way for an f-bomb to slip through onto live television. It was so natural that it sounded like it was improvised, and that made it infinitely funnier.

My Drunk Boyfriend – Kyle Mooney’s face was made to look so perfectly artificial that it’s almost creepy. Simultaneously drunk and expressionless, just the visual of the My Drunk Boyfriend doll is worth a laugh, but all of the physical comedy that comes into play is executed as perfectly as the drunken soundbites.

Chantix Commercial – I love the increased desperation of the character Cecily Strong plays in this commercial. Whenever SNL does a commercial like this where the subjects are aware of the fact that they’re in the commercial and interact with its creators, it’s usually a winner. The attempts of this failed actress to show off her acting skills and the complete disinterest from the Chantix narrator combine to form a fantastic commercial parody.

ATM – While it’s not quite clear what’s at the core of this sketch as far as social commentary is concerned, what I love about this sketch are the endless twists that continue to change our perspective. Rarely does an SNL sketch end so succinctly and successfully, but the ending of this sketch adds one final twist to drive the whole sketch home.

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