RuPaul Hosting Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

Is it just me, or does it feel like there are a couple of jokes here that were specifically written so that they sound weird coming out of Colin Jost’s mouth? It’s not quite the same as when Michael Che writes jokes for Jost to say that end up being remarkably inappropriate (and vice versa), but jokes that just don’t seem to work as well coming out of Jost’s mouth. Anyway, their time at the desk this week was just fine. Nothing to write home about one way or the other.

Chloe Fineman on the 2020 Oscars – Ladies and gentlemen, Chloe Fineman has truly arrived on SNL. As a featured player, she’s mostly been relegated to the background with the exception of some sketches here and there. But at the Weekend Update desk, Fineman did something that was nothing but her. She gave a little Oscars acting lesson that included an impressive array of impressions of Saoirse Ronan, Meryl Streep, Scarlett Johansson, and even Timothée Chalamet. Hopefully she gets more chances to stretch her legs like this in the future.

Cathy Anne on Trump’s Impeachment Acquittal – It’s been awhile since we saw Cathy Anne at the Weekend Update desk, but Cecily Strong has no problem getting back in the swing of things with this off-kilter nutjob. You know one thing I love about Cathy Anne? She’s always about ready to light that cigarette in her hand, but then she goes off on a tangent that stops her. Those are the kind of details that help flesh a character out and make them feel like a real person.

The Host

Since RuPaul has spent years in front of the camera as a TV personality, including hosting his own reality show, I assumed that he would have no problem feeling comfortable on SNL. Thankfully, for the most part, I was right. Occasionally, RuPaul relied a little too much on reading the cue cards, making the delivery somewhat stilted, but his dedication to the comedy and overall demeanor helped make it land more firmly than it otherwise might have. I’d like to see RuPaul come back to host again now that he has an episode under his belt to see if he’s a little more comfortable.


Chloe Fineman - Saturday Night Live

Chloe Fineman – Like I said above, this was Chloe Fineman’s breakout moment on SNL. That’s why some of the cast members were excitedly pointing to her during the goodbye at the end of the episode. The impressions she put forth in this bit were top notch, and she did it with such confidence and poise. She didn’t even need to standout in any other sketches to be the MVP. It was that good of a bit, especially with the jab at Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson’s relationship.

The Final Word

This episode was a messy one technically, and it hurt some of the sketches when it came to timing and delivery, especially the cold open. But the stage presence and confidence of RuPaul kept this episode from being a disaster. I wish some of the sketches were better and offered RuPaul the opportunity to show a little more range with a variety of characters, but there were enough entertaining moments from him that I’d be happy for him to come back.

Come back after Leap Day later this month to see how John Mulaney fared while hosting the February 29 episode.

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