RuPaul Hosting Saturday Night Live

The Average

Chad and RuPaul – There’s no one on the SNL cast who I wanted to see in drag more than Pete Davidson. I hoped that at least some of the cast would get into drag, and I’m so glad this was the result. It’s a great use of the recurring Chad character who is easygoing and doesn’t really care what’s going on around him. Davidson makes for a rather unflattering woman, but what I like most about this sketch is seeing how RuPaul gets even more confident and sassy when he gets into full-on glamorous drag mode.

Family Charades – The most amusing part of this sketch comes from the reactions between the families. From the confusion from the white family as to why their opponents are doing so many rounds of charades in a row, to the black family being flummoxed by the rules of the game, that’s what makes the sketch. What’s annoying is that it starts out with some messy directing, and the pacing never fully feels like it recovers. So it’s a credit to the cast that they made it work as well as it did. Plus, I love that this is a sketch where there is clearly a gay couple with kids, and it’s not part of the premise of the sketch. It’s just a normal part of life.

Thirsty Cops – Does anyone else think this wouldn’t have bee nearly as funny if SNL hadn’t give this sketch a title sequence like these two were on their own show? Pete Davidson has a hard time keeping a straight face as these cops inappropriately and constantly hit on him, and it gets even worse when back-up arrives.

New Hampshire Democratic Debate – Well, the Democratic-centric political sketches have been consistently funnier and more entertaining than all the stuff attempting to lampoon Donald Trump and his circus of a presidency. But this debate sketch wasn’t quite up to snuff. Not only did it start with some glaring technical issues as far as cuing up the right shot and timing the entrances, but some of the bits just weren’t that funny. Still, because the cast behind these impressions is so good, there were enough laughs to be had to keep it from being among the worst of the night.

The Worst

Check Splitting – I knew I was missing something while watching this sketch, which is maybe why it didn’t work as well for me as it might have for RuPaul fans. Apparently, this is a Designing Women inspired sketch. And while I enjoyed Cecily Strong’s dedication to speaking with such vigor, not to mention RuPaul putting power into every single word, the bit just went on too long for me to really appreciate it. There are a couple of great moments here, but otherwise, it just missed the mark for me personally. But I totally understand why others would enjoy it.

Old New York Show – Well, this appears to be a sketch where Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon had some fun improvising a pair of old women who have lived in a New York hotel room for decades. Unfortunately, it doesn’t translate well into a full fledged sketch. I don’t know why the Rudy Giuliani references here are funny, maybe it’s just a New York thing, but this is the first time in awhile that a pair of characters played by Bryant and McKinnon haven’t made me laugh.

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