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What is the untitled mystery “event” film Legendary and Universal are releasing in 2016? We explored the options on Wednesday, saying Will Smith’s Brilliance was one possibility, andĀ Hot Wheels could be another. Others suggested the long in development Mass Effect was in the mix. Those are still all on the table, but a new rumor says the film could be even more exciting. It could be the one superhero Universal still has the rights to: Marvel’s Namor.

The Namor movie rumor comes from the Marvel mavens over at Latino Review.

I’m chalking this story up to “rumor status” because enough insider industry bees that I trust were buzzing last night and this morning yet, at press time this is stillĀ unconfirmed.

They offer up a few other morsels of evidence too. First, the same site reported Zac Efron was recently given a new Marvel script. There was no word on which script it was, but Efron just had a huge weekend for Universal in Neighbors.

Second, Warner Bros. is releasing Justice League in 2017. That’s a film that’s expected to include Aquaman, and releasing Marvel’s answer to the underwater hero before that would be a major coup for Universal.

Again, the Namor movie idea is just a rumor and a big one at that. As far as we’ve seen reported in the past few years, Namor doesn’t even have a script, let alone a director who’s willing to tackle such an ambitious project for the hero. But, when we look at the list of possible films for that November 4, 2016 release, Namor has to be considered.

You’d also have to imagine Universal will eventually have make a Namor movie to keep the rights. Rights to intellectual property aren’t infinite and they’ve been at the studio for a long time. Marvel heroes are so big these days, even ones who aren’t that popular are potentially lucrative.

Do you think a Namor movie will ever happen? Is it Legendary/Universal’s mystery movie?

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