If this rumor(s) seems like it originated in the mind of Captain Obvious, we see your point, but it arrived just minutes ago via a very reputable source/friend site, Latino Review. It seems that Marvel has a shortlist of names for their 2011 tent pole, The First Avenger: Captain America, and at the top is Leonardo DiCaprio followed by Brad Pitt (whose name has previously circulated for 2010’s Thor). This continues the trend of studios “casting up” in major summer blockbusters.

Of course, DiCaprio has a plethora of passion projects, most recently pegged to play Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s founder Noah Bushnell, that could keep him out of the equation. Either way, here are some thoughts spanning the Net consciousness right now: DiCaprio is a good choice, Matthew McConaughey would have blown chunks as Steve Rogers/Capt. America; DiCaprio is too skinny for the role/shield throwing, I mean, he’s a really good actor though; What studio wouldn’t want DiCaprio to play a superhero? Pfffft.

El Mayimbe at LR says that no official offer has been made to DiCaprio or to Brad Pitt, the other A-lister being considered, but he hints that the trades might pick up this same info months from now. With The Incredible Hulk launching this weekend, Marvel Studios is on a rampage the likes of which we haven’t seen before. Personally, I think DiCaprio would be an awesome choice, nicely modernizing expectations for the prototypical American (super)soldier. Pitt would be the more popular choice with fans, I’m assuming, based on build and photos in office calendars. More on this as it develops… If you didn’t check out our post today on Marvel’s upcoming slate/Jon Favreau’s involvement with Iron Man 2, here’s the link.

Discuss: Who would you rather see rock the shield, DiCaprio or Pitt? Would Pitt be better for Thor or Captain America? How long before Daniel Day-Lewis waves at a stunned pilot in mid-flight?

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