slave one

Last week, a few costumes from Rogue One were revealed at previews for the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Now that the event is actually open to the public, more photos have arrived, giving us an even better look at these outfits. And we’re impressed – these actually look like what a struggling group of rebel soldiers would actually wear. Check them out below: hastily assembled armor, modified casual wear, blasters that look like they’re being held together with spit and a prayer.

Are you ready to squint at more photos shared on Twitter? Of course you are. You’re a Star Wars fan. These are the sacrifices you make. Someone managed to snap a photo during a presentation on upcoming Star Wars LEGO sets and as you can see in the image below, one of the preview images is labeled “Rogue 1” and it has a release date of October.

But of course there were going to Rogue One LEGO sets! What’s more interesting here is the ship in that picture: that’s a Firespray-31. It may look familiar because the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett pilots a Firespray-31, named Slave 1. Let’s round up the rhetorical questions. Does this mean Bob Fett is in this movie? Or does it mean that someone else pilots a different Firespray in the film, as the color scheme does appear to be different? Does “Rogue 1/One” have anything to do with “Slave 1/One?” Our theory: Boba Fett is not in this movie. Our heroes probably fly a Firespray-31 of their own, which means it gets a similar call sign. This way, Lucasfilm can introduce a “hero” version of one of their most famous ships… which means they won’t have to try to sell a toy with the awkward name of “Slave 1” to kids.

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