Bryan Fuller, Bryan Singer

Last I wrote about venerable TV scribe Bryan Fuller, he was rejoining Heroes after the death of Pushing Daisies. In June, he left Heroes to pursue two other projects for NBC, and today we’ve finally caught wind of what he’s been working on. Variety reports that he’s adapting the Augusten Burroughs book Sellevision together with Bryan Singer as an hourlong dramedy. The series will follow the behind the scenes adventures of a home shopping network (could this be Fuller’s Sports Night?). The second project is a half-hour sitcom, No Kill, set inside a no-kill animal shelter.

I’m glad to see Fuller taking on new territory by tackling a sitcom, but I’m far more interested in Sellevision because I’m a huge fan of his previous dramedy work with Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls (inasmuch as you can call that a dramedy). Also the idea of him collaborating with Bryan Singer sounds very¬† much like a dream scenario. Singer has had good luck so far with his TV projects, House and Dirty Sexy Money, so I’m not at all surprised that he’s willing to tackle another one.

Fuller stresses that Sellevision won’t aim to satirize home shopping networks, and will instead be a more “grounded take” on that market:

I love the world of home shopping — it’s such a rich world. There are those great metaphors of consumerism, buying happiness, all of that chasing material thing.

Fuller is also still working on a comic-book version of Pushing Daisies, which he’s hoping will serve as a map for a future Daisies film.

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