philip seymour hoffman animated short

Despite Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s tragic death earlier this year, the actor will continue to appear on screens for just a while, thanks to films completed before his passing. This short, however, is unexpected. Using a conversation with Simon Critchley recorded on December 22, 2012 at the Rubin Museum of Art, a team at PBS assembled a lovely animated short that captures the actor’s views on pleasure, happiness, and family as they relate to his own life. That this Philip Seymour Hoffman animated short would be terribly poignant is no surprise — that was Hoffman’s power, after all — but that it would arrive as a posthumous statement is particularly affecting. 

Producer David Gerlach and animator Patrick Smith created this short, which features comments that seem almost frighteningly prescient, given that the end of Hoffman’s life was just over a year away.  

You can see other entries in this series here at the Blank on Blank YouTube channel. There’s a great one with David Bowie, among others.

 [EW via The Playlist]

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