Drive Angry 3D Director/Co-Writer Patrick Lussier and Co-Writer Todd Farmer have provided us with a list of their favorite movie car chases. It’s worth noting that Lussier was just selected as one of Variety’s Top 10 Directors to Watch. Drive Angry hits theaters on February 25th 2011. Check out the list after the jump.

Crazy Mary, Dirty Larry (Patrick)

The Helicopter/Car Chase. Near the climax of this film, Peter Fonda, Susan George and Adam Roarke are desperately trying to flee police captain Vic Morrow. What’s amazing in this is the helicopter-to-car action that was clearly actually done. Long before CG was even thought of, the stunt performers and actors are driving at unbelievable speeds. What’s more incredible is that in several shots it is clearly the actors themselves behind the wheel with the helicopter perilously close, and several shots of Vic Morrow in the front seat of the chopper are terrifying as it flies ever closer to Peter Fonda’s Charger.

The Bourne Identity (Todd)

Every so often the Bond films will lose their way, thus thank goodness for Jason Bourne. Not only due to the brilliant Krav Maga hand to hand sequences but the car chases are stunning. Raw and real. The perfect blend of old school and new. As far as I’m concerned Identity modernized the car chase. Reminded me that a car chase can still be thrilling and fun even within a digital, wifi world.

Ronin (Patrick)

The sequence where Robert DeNiro leads a team after a box of ‘unspecified content’ is complete nailbaiting adrenalin. This was the first R rated film I took my son to when he was 10. He loved it! Watching this through my own eyes was incredible enough, but seeing my boy transfixed by the relentless pace, the near misses and the perilous chase that winds through narrow European streets at such velocity was an absolute blast. For a long time this was his favorite film. John Frankenheimer had directed so many incredible action films, from Grand Prix to The Train, and my personal favorite, The Manchurian Candidate (though definitely not strictly an action film). I had the great fortune to work briefly with Frankeheimer, who had reclaimed the height of his directorial game with Ronin. John even autographed a Ronin poster for my son, a prize possession to this day.

Road Warrior (Patrick)

The final chase scene never stops the movie. It’s relentless pace and body count leave it as likely the best chase sequence ever put to film. The intensity of the chase is matched by the insanity of the hand-to-hand and vehicle-to-vehicle combat that ensues. The last moments, when Max is clawed to his seat as the tanker finally succumbs to physics and tips over is a breathless moment.

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