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Header Photo: Hank Azaria’s Lawsuit Details What Defines A Character

25 mistakes you never noticed in great movies

5 Streaming TV Series You Always Meant to Get Around to Finishing But Totally Forgot

Lena Dunham to Make SNL Hosting Debut


Busters t-shirt

Busters t-shirt

AICN Legends: Quint chats up Kurt Russell about everything from Walt Disney to John Carpenter!

In the Most Competitive Oscar Season Ever, Bloggers Are Keeping Score

Benedict Ketchupbatch

Benedict Ketchupbatch

15 Unlikely Influences, Inspirations & Straight Up Lifts From Wes Anderson’s ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox

How Warner Bros. Lost Out on ‘Ride Along

TIE Fighter Bottle Opener

The TIE Fighter Bottle Opener Attacks Rebel Beers

Being Human Cancelled By Syfy

Checkers: The Movie | Official Trailer

Why Anna Kendrick Is Done With Musicals: ‘Singing Is F-cking Hard’

Sonic Solitaire Ring

Embrace Your Inner Time Lord With This Sonic Solitaire Ring

DreamWorks Animation Reports $13.5 Million Loss on ‘Turbo’ Despite Q4 Profit

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