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Header Photo: Katie Cook’s “I Know” Star Wars comic

Robopocalypse author Daniel Wilson on The Two Stages of a Hollywood Soul-Crushing

WhyWarGames” Still Matters

Spirit Fighter t-shirt

Unlike Netflix Subscribers, HBO Viewers Aren’t Binge Viewers

Why Netflix Has ‘No Motivation’ to Release Ratings for ‘House of Cards’


Incredible 250,000 Piece LEGO Star Wars Display

A Good Day to ReadDie Hard‘ Criticism

Ocean’s Twelve‘ Is a Great Sequel About How Hard It Is to Make a Great Sequel

Adventure Time/Star Wars mash-up

Charlie Ergen: Dish’s Blockbuster Didn’t Have “Guts” To Challenge Netflix

Help Fund Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk Film

John Grisham‘s ‘The RacketeerPicked Up by Fox 2000, New Regency

Space Ice Cream t-shirt

Let The Right One In print by Cuyler Smith

Black List Scribe Eric Kirsten to Pen Ineffable’s ‘Potential

Rejected Pitches: Die Hard

DreamWorks’ ‘Shadow and BoneLands Writer

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