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Header Photo: The Death Star makes everything cooler, even a dog’s Cone of Shame

The 10 Best Movie Twist Endings of the Decade

Star Wars 7‘: Rules For A New Trilogy

How George Lucas made the deal with Disney

6 Filmmaking Tips From The Wachowskis

Star Wars Episode 7: 10 Things To Avoid

Paralympian “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp Wins At Costumes

10 Terrifying Non-Horror Films From The Criterion Collection

8 Horror Icons Almost Anyone Could Defeat

Green Slime Popcorn

Why Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is Beautiful

Twentieth Century Fox Putting End Cards On Films Now To Explain True Cost Of Piracy

9 Extreme Movie Characters You Won’t Believe Were Based on Real People

Alien Pumpkin Carvings

20 Things We’d Never Do Thanks To Horror Movies

Steampunk Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Russell T. Davies pitched a Doctor Who graphic novel, was turned down

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