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Header Photo: The most awesome Star Trek hoodie we have ever seen

Back from another Globetrotting Adventure, Indiana Jones checks his mail and discovers that his bid for tenue has been denied.

The obscure 1980s horror film that Joss Whedon wants you to watch

Sesame Street Workshop Wants Obama’s hilarious Big Bird Ad Taken Down

A Critic Experiences the Filmmaker’s Side of a Press Tour

When Will Hollywood Come Out of the Closet?

Gremlins pumpkin

Drunk Dial Home with this ‘E.T.Drinking Game

Meet the World’s Biggest E.T. Fan

Nightmare Before Christmas/Toy Story mash-up “A Toy’s Nightmare” t-shirt

20 Classic Horror Movies in Criterion Collection

Zero Dark Sesame Street Mash-up Trailer

OMG Facts: During test screenings of Apollo 13, a person disliked it because it has a ‘typical Hollywood ending’ and that the crew should’ve died at the end

Tom Muller’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day poster

The 10 Greatest Actors Turned Directors of All Time

Download a free set of movie icons (via)

10 More Important Moments in Animation History

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