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Header Photo: WALL-E and Eve reimagined

Kickstart This: Dany Saadia’s Intriguing Time Travel Film ‘Just in Life’

Emma Watson Is Now the Most Dangerous Celebrity to Read About Online

R2-D2 Kegerator

Alamo Drafthouse offers cocktails with The Master

No Thanks, I’ll Stick With the Seat I Paid For

Mixing Up Star Wars and Breaking Bad Is a Good Idea

Movie Background Characters: Where Are They Now?

 The Dark Knight may have risen, but US cinema attendance has dropped to its lowest level in two decades

Disney Theme Park Toy Play Sets, Including Space Mountain & Epcot

12 types of people you see at the movie theater

Evil Dead dress

It’s Not Too Late To Not Hate Jeff Daniels

Johnny Depp Parts Poster by Emma Butler.

Why Make This Movie? 15 Answers To A Question That Should Be Asked More Often

14 Movies Improved By George Takei

15 Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters Who Found Success After Dropping Out of School

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