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How Cinephiles Are Failing Cinema (via)

Temple of Gloom: Why is the second Indiana Jones movie so dark?

You Look Like EVE From Wall-E: A Glowing Cockroach

 7 Performers Who Made Us Change Our Minds This Year…Damn Them

We Need To Reboot The MPAA

Jerry Bruckheimer announced that The Lone Ranger filming is “almost a wrap”

What Happened to Sports Movies for Kids?

‘Based on a True Story’ Is a Rotten Lie I Hope You Never Believe

Cookie Monster’s Cookie Dough Recipe Unearthed

4 Cinematic Innovations Inspired by Video Games

The Best Shark Attacks In Movies

Fetch Me Gently With A Chainsaw: Grading 20 Classic School Movies

Game Of Thrones: Tyrion Statue

4 Great Films Hidden in The Criterion Collection

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